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ESTES HOMEWATCH provides services to Cabins, Condos, Homes and Businesses - in areas all across the Estes Valley.
Estes Park Homewatch Property Management Services
Property Management Services
Perfect Solution for Absentee Owners and Vacationing Residents
ESTES HOMEWATCH can manage the rental of your property at reasonable prices and inspect the property upon departures, to reduce your concerns. Our Property Management Services Rates are lower than the 25-40% charged by others.

Other Unique Services we provide:
- Provice Property Management Services contact for Vacation Rentals
- Meeting rental guests and giving them access to your property
- Inspect homes upon Renters Departure for damages
- Cleaning/Preparation of Rental Properties
- Meeting deliveries, inspecting for damage and handling its placement
- Obtaining repair estimates
- Organizing all necessary repairs or improvements
- Organizing landscaping maintenance/installation
- Trash - Put out and returned when needed.
- Setting up and meeting with Pest Control Service
- Garaged vehicles: We can start vehicles and run them to be ready for your arrival.
- We will turn up/down the heat/air, hot water, turn on/off alarms upon request.
- Groceries, fresh flowers, wine, etc. are all available. Let us know your requests and they will be waiting for your arrival. We can shopping services for our clientele.
Estes Park Homewatch Property Management Services
& Repairs
Let us Help!
We provide you with timely, convenient, and reliable home repairs. Whether you're exploring your options to complete a household remodel or simply looking for someone to help with seasonal maintenance work around the house, we can help!

We can organize and monitor needed maintenance of your home, which may include weed control, landscaping, housekeeping, window washing, carpet cleaning, chimney cleaning, heat and air conditioning maintenance.

Estes Park Homewatch Property Management Services
Home Watch
Piece of Mind While You Are Away
The frequency of home checks is determined by you. Most prefer monitoring on a weekly or bi-weekly basis.

Inspections include:
Inside: Check for leaks, broken seals on windows, breakage or security problems, water damage, lighting problems, air and heat adjustments/monitoring according to seasons, thermostat & alarm battery replacement, pest problems, running of water in sink traps, flushing of toilets, checking for plumbing leaks or problems, appliance monitoring, hot water heaters, garage doors, etc.

Outside: We check for erosion problems, drainage issues, pest & insect damage, exterior wear and tear (visible stucco cracks, paint problems, visible roof damage), security problems, landscape monitoring, weed control, place delivered packages inside residence and pick up papers/flyer/debris from yard.